First IBSEN meeting in Izmir, Turkey

IBSEN meeting, November 2019 in Izmir

For the very first time, the Izmir University of Economics (IUE) hosted the meeting of the IBSEN- Network and welcomed the members with joy and pleasant 23 degrees (during November!). The Izmir University of Economics joined the Network in 2018 and constitutes three particularities, defining them as a charitable university. They were established by the foundation of the chamber of commerce for education and health in Izmir and have been distinctly internationally orientated ever since. Exemplary for this are the full English-taught course offerings (except Law). Furthermore, the outstanding adaptation of business-related subjects to real economic demands, based on the close cooperation with the chamber of commerce in Izmir.

Main focus of this IBSEN meeting was the exchange on three distinct topics, namely Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Digitalization (Future of Business Education on a digitalized World) and Sustainable Economics (How to generate a more sustainable business environment?). It was decided that a concept for joined ventures regarding the topic of Entrepreneurship shall be pursued by all members and developed together. Therefore, several work packages have been assigned. Additionally, further extensions of existing cooperation have been discussed. Particularly, well-established double-degree programs shall be extended to Master-Degree level. It was of high importance to witness the colleagues of IUE and interact with them personally. The event was perfectly complemented by the organization of exhibition stands of IBSEN Members, where students of IUE had the opportunity of informing themselves about possible semesters abroad. It was due to the presence of the university representatives that the fair was a success for the students, the Members (Sadly, France was not able to participate) and the IBSEN-Network itself.

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IBSEN meeting at Hallym University in Chuncheon, South Korea

Network members with vice president Dong Yu (middle) at the IBSEN-meeting at Hallym University in Korea

This year’s meeting of the IBSEN network in May was held at Hallym University in South Korea. Hallym University is situated in Chuncheon, which is a city approximately 60 km east of the country’s capital Seoul. It has about 280,000 inhabitants and is among South Korea’s safest cities. The university was founded in 1982 and counts over 10,000 students as well as over 800 professors. It has a wide range of lectures offered in English and even three study programs which are completely taught in English. That is why the university is particularly popular among international students.

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IBSEN Network meeting in Valenciennes 2018

Twice a year, the IBSEN representatives of the ten partner universities meet, in May and November. The second meeting this year took place at the Université Polytechnique HAUTS-DE-FRANCE in Valenciennes for the first time on the 11th to the 13th of November. The university formerly known as Université de Valenciennes has been a member since 2016. University representatives from Italy, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Turkey, Finland and the Czech Republic joined the meeting.

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International Campus for a Week

Welcome to the international week in the conference area. Photo: Felix Hüffelmann

President Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Schramm-Wölk opens the 1st “International Week” at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. The general students’ committee (AStA) invite you to the “Weltenbummler-Treff” and to the “International Meeting Corner” with Fair-Trade Coffee. The departments participate with information events. At an international conference, the expansion of university cooperation is being discussed. “Country Stands” are set up in the main hallway. For the festive dinner, a brewery is the destination. European summer school, international run.

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