European Summer School on European Business and Culture 2019 in Germany

Next year, the European Summer School on European Business and Culture takes place from May 13th to June 21st and is organized by the IBSEN partner Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Two courses are offered, each worth 3 credit points: European Culture and Cross Cultural Management and European Politics and Business. There are also additional labs organized for learning other languages (French, Spanish, German) and to collaborate in small research projects, worth 2 credit points.

The European Summer School combines the unique opportunity to discover Europe with the chance to take an active part in a 6 week structured course at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld.

Do not hesitate to find out more about the Summer School. Contact the international office at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences or use our contact form.

This well coached and diversified European Culture and Business course offers an exciting possibility for open-minded students to immerge themselves in political and social trends within Europe. Contents of the lectures are arranged with alternations instead of only lectures. Specifically, some guest professors from the Netherlands, Spain, UK and Mexico will enrich the lectures with new perspectives.

Four city trips are arranged for 2019. In Germany, a visit to the German parliament in Germany’s capital Berlin with the chance to discuss with political insiders, and a visit to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. The other cities are in the Netherlands: You will visit the Hague and Rotterdam, including a visit to the largest port of Europe. A short stop in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is also planned.

Furthermore, two single field trips to regionally located, but worldwide acting companies are offered. Certainly, the advantages of networking and attending the real German student life and not only being guests during the whole program exist. This includes free sports activities, good shopping opportunities and plenty of fantastic clubs for student parties.

The current occurrences of the financial crisis show in an economical way, that existing borders sometimes do not help to prevent movement and losses for different countries. Therefore, globalisation is more and more a keyword of worldwide business. The intention is to benefit from the cultural academic exchange and to understand the different countries, their varying cultures and religions. Additionally, “Corporate Culture” and the comparative analysis of differences between Europe and North America is a major topic. A critical reflection on everyone’s own culture and society will complete this program.

Participants of the Summer School will earn credit points, feedback of their performance in class, a mid term exam as well as an exam at the end of the course. Concluding, the aim is to cultivate a fundamental capacity for understanding unfamiliar and familiar cultures and an ability to interpret “difference” in the cultural contexts with pleasure. And there is of course the chance to try the real taste of typical German food and drinks while attending different restaurants.

We can’t wait to see you in spring!

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