Call for Erasmus teacher and staff exchange at XAMK, Finland

Our IBSEN partner Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Finland, is calling for an exchange of teachers and staff for the upcoming Erasmus programme in the Spring 2019 term. The Business management programme has now joined forces with the Information technology and Business information technology programmes.

XAMK plans to open their international networks to the local community and companies. For this, they offer you and your colleagues a possibility to have an open evening lecture that they will promote to the companies and also to the XAMK teachers and RDI staff. Click here for further information about this new teaching model. As for the staff exchange, you can get familiar of XAMK RDI activities here.

XAMK staff and teachers are also interested in exchanges and in a win-win situation, where they could find a suitable person to come in exchange to your campus. Please contact us if you are interested and to make further plans! You can get in touch directly with us via our contact page.

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