Learn what IBSEN is all about and what its goals are.

Carol Steinhaus
IBSEN President, Northern Michigan University

On behalf of all the members of the International Business Studies Exchange Network, I would like to welcome you to our web page. We hope that this page provides you with information about the network, a list of resource people for each university, and some insights into how we function.

The IBSEN network was established about 10 years ago to facilitate the exchange of students among member universities in Europe and North America. Since then, some schools have left the network and others have joined. We are open to new partners, and have expanded beyond North America and Europe with the addition of a university in South Korea and the possible addition of a school in Mexico.

Nothern Europe


The Netherlands

Czech Republic


Southern Europe



North America


United States of America


South Korea

The basic concept is that students will pay tuition in their home schools and can then attend a semester or a year at a partner school. We try to maintain “balance” so that there are approximately the same numbers of students outgoing to a partner university as there are students incoming to that university from that partner school.

Recently, in order to assist with balance issues, some of the European partners have begun to offer summer programs which American students can more easily afford to attend in terms of both time and money. Information on these programs is also available on the website. Currently, these programs are being offered in Mikkeli (Finland), Bielefeld (Germany) and Rotterdam (Netherlands).

The network members have responded to recent economic and political challenges by investing time and energy into growing the network to be more than “just a student exchange program.” We are encouraging faculty exchanges, joint faculty research, joint grant applications, and are currently pursuing some creative and innovative ideas regarding student internship possibilities.

The representatives of each university are energetic, dedicated people who are committed to ensuring wonderful opportunities for all business students to be able to study internationally if they choose to do so. We enjoy working together, learning together, helping students, and creating stronger bonds among individuals and schools in the network.

So, please take some time, browse through the website pages, and contact us if we can be of further help.

Our Mission and Goals

We want to increase both our students’ and staff’s intercultural competence and support their professional growth on a multicultural level.

Strategic Goals


Catalyse and multiply the efforts in academic internationalisation.


Share and benefit from the best experiences, success stories and challenges.


Build and sustain efficient long term international relationships.


Foster innovation in teaching methodology based on applied research.

Operational Goals

  • Exchange students and staff among partner institutions.
  • Develop active and fruitful academic relationships among students and staff.
  • Facilitate student cooperation among partner universities.
  • Participate in international projects of various types.
  • Support student efforts in seeking international internships.
  • Promote cooperation and alliances between companies, public organizations and universities.
  • Arrange opportunities for discussing and sharing of experiences.
  • Establish double degree agreements and joint academic programs.
  • Establish formalized bilateral and/or multilateral agreements.
  • Develop innovative teaching methods.
  • Develop common teaching materials.
  • Ensure the continuity of active membership and mutual support.
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