Hallym University

10.000 Students


8 Colleges

University affiliated hospitals

Important Contacts


Changik (aka Chan) Jo

Professor, Dean Faculty of Global Integrated Studies

+82 33 248 2480

BongKoo (James) Jeong


+82 33 248 1340

Jongjin (David) Nam

International office

+82 33 248 1342

About the University

Hallym University, located in city of Chuncheon, is a private university established in 1982. In addition, it has acquired the status of “distinguished university,” the title granted by the Ministry of Education, three years in a row, and has also been selected for funding by the Brain Korea 21 Project.

Hallym University has 8 colleges and 6 university-affiliated hospitals with national high recognition. According to recent QS world University Rankings, we were ranked 20th out of over 350 universities and colleges in Korea. Since 2008 especially, the University has been aggressively focusing on building a globalized campus through networking such as study abroad programs, double degrees and joint research projects. The key unit of globalization is the College of International Studies where more than 300 foreign students are coming to study every semester.

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Locations and Campuses

The campus of Hallym University is located in Chuncheon, about 75 kilometres north west of Seoul.

City Life

Chuncheon is about 70 kilometers away from Seoul, the capital city. The total population is approximately 300,000. There are high-speed railroad system, subway along with expressway. It is surrounded by lakes and mountains and people can enjoy all year round outdoor activities such as horse riding, kayaking, swimming, skiing, and so forth. Chuncheon was ranked as the best place to live in Korea, based on its climate, cost of living, and social conditions like crime rates and employment rates.

Chuncheon has bio-medical clusters where over 200 companies and research centers funded by public and private sectors. Also, the City has been developing ICT convergence technology and medical tourism.

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